Equine Advice


Gypsy, the Equine Encyclopedia, has something to say about equine vision.  Like all shetlands, she is always watching, listening and learning.

Horses have two types of vision: Monocular and BinocularMonocular vision involves only one of a horse’s eyes seeing to one side.  This is good for detecting movement but, using Monocular vision, horses cannot see in 3-D.

When looking ahead of himself with both eyes, a horse uses Binocular vision.  This helps him see in detail where he is going.  This way, horses can see in 3-D which aids in judging depth and distance.  Horses have a blind spot 7-10 feet in front of their nose, directly behind them and directly along their sides.  Horses also have better night vision than humans do.

Horses adjust their range of vision by raising or lowering their head and can see nearly 350 degrees around themselves.DSC04836


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