Which Breyer Horse Will It Be?

Breyer horse box; horse that comes in random colors: silver bay, glossy palomino, and glossy silver with spots! Which will it be?  (They’re all Shires.)  It looks like the mane bobs of the silver bay might be poking through the clear tape on the box.  I’m hoping for the glossy palomino.  If it’s the bay or the palomino, I’ll make it a driving harness.








Box opened; can’t tell anything yet.  That must have just been the very thick bubble wrap around the horse.






Aaaahhhhhhhh!!  What is it?






Silver with spots!!!!  My 2nd choice!!

Magnificent!  (But everyone keeps saying that he looks like a Christmas horse.)  He’s so glossy that he feels slippery!

Head and face detail.  His name is now Silver Storm!

Ear detail.


Left side.  So beautiful!!!

Glossy palomino; silver bay (what they look like: first pictures on top left).