Clever Ponies

Over the gate

Across the floor

Around a tack trunk

Out the door

Undoing the latch

-it’s really thick

Scraping with a hoof

That did the trick

Kicking open the door-

Without getting smashed

There- in the middle

A pan of hot mash

Jump up on the floor

Little hooves flying

They got into the feed room

Without hardly trying!

Manes frosted with hay

Noses deep in the grain

These clever ponies

Will try this again!






The Katie Award

Blog Award 13

Katie from A New Path for Old Hooves has given Hooves and Claws a “Katie Blog Award!”  Thank you!  To pass this award on, I have nominated the following creative blogs:

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Equine Advice: Tobiano Pintos


Gypsy, the Equine Encyclopedia, has something to say about tobiano pintos.  Like all shetlands, she is always watching, listening and learning. 

“Tobiano” is a term for spotted horses with a distinct color pattern.  Tobianos have largerounded spots and white legs.  The white patches can be paired with almost any color (most commonly bay, black, sorrel or palomino but can be other colors) and can cross the spine.

The genetic code for tobiano is T.


Sorrel Tobiano.