Drawings for the New Year

It’s the new year, and a supposedly fresh start.  New beginnings.  Cold weather.  And it’s time for this blog to celebrate six years! 


This is two ponies dressed up with ribbons in their manes and tails, done in colored pencils.  The first one is on “good” paper with many light layers of different colors and barely any gray pencils used and the second one is on really cheap paper with fewer layers and less mixing of different colors and a blurry photograph.



More Dutch Bantams

Two hens hatched baby cockerels after some unauthorized incubation of eggs.

One of the cockerels, Mighty, is really pretty but chases off blue jays and sparrows.   He almost died of an injury as a chick, but is now 100% healthy and recovered.  He also likes to chase loose feathers and his own tail.  (No pictures of the other cockerel right now.)

They also hatched two little pullets.

The pullets with their mother (their “grandma” hen is also helping raise them).

Which Breyer Horse Will It Be?

Breyer horse box; horse that comes in random colors: silver bay, glossy palomino, and glossy silver with spots! Which will it be?  (They’re all Shires.)  It looks like the mane bobs of the silver bay might be poking through the clear tape on the box.  I’m hoping for the glossy palomino.  If it’s the bay or the palomino, I’ll make it a driving harness.








Box opened; can’t tell anything yet.  That must have just been the very thick bubble wrap around the horse.






Aaaahhhhhhhh!!  What is it?






Silver with spots!!!!  My 2nd choice!!

Magnificent!  (But everyone keeps saying that he looks like a Christmas horse.)  He’s so glossy that he feels slippery!

Head and face detail.  His name is now Silver Storm!

Ear detail.


Left side.  So beautiful!!!

Glossy palomino; silver bay (what they look like: first pictures on top left).

First Try at Making a Custom Doll

For some reason, my Breyer Western rider doll will not sit on a horse.  Her legs are too stiff, and she does not sit in a Western saddle.  So I tried this tutorial I found on how to customize dolls’ arms and legs ( http://braymere.blogspot.com/2016/03/customizing-breyer-youth-doll.html ).  I didn’t follow it exactly (cotton instead of gauze; electrical tape instead of medical tape), but it is at least an improvement in her riding (the right side of the bit came off in this photo).  

She needs better boots that she can bend her ankles in, but there seem to be no Western boot tutorials for dolls.  Next model horse goal: to make a realistic saddle without using leather.

Before (with lazy editing of photo background) & After (I like the way the hair net turned out).

Next model horse performance scene: This doll riding Kodi (who is the same mold as the other horse).


2013 Photo Editing

The photo upload date of this says July 28, 2013.  When I wanted to make a nice front page for this blog . . . but only had Paint as a photo editing option.  This is made of numerous photos cut out with the eraser tool and pasted together.  It was very hard to do.  There are no transparent backgrounds or layers, so the instant you de-select an object it becomes impossible to move.  Needless to say, it now looks very fake.  It was the front page of my blog for about 6 months.  This picture’s one redeeming factor is picture of Friendly, a Khaki Campbell duck on the right (a rare photo of her).


A Long Time Ago and Very Far Away

This is a picture of my hen Sweetie raising chicks in 2010, in the only photo of her that still exists.  It was June 2010, and the chicks were having fun playing outdoors.  Flighty (chick on the right) laid champion eggs for many years.  She was a Cuckoo Marans.  Strangely enough, the name of the Marans breed is spelled the same way, “Marans,” whether referring to one bird or many birds.