My First Chickens

These were my first chickens, two Buff Orpington hens.  Pictured: Henny (left) and Chickie (right).  They were both very sweet and beautiful, and lived to fairly old ages for a chicken.  Henny lived to be nine years old.  Pictured below is Henny when she was eight years old (she is standing on one foot scratching her beak). 


2015 Chicks

After forgetting about this blog for 2.5 years, I have decided to start writing on it again.  This year’s chicks are Puffin, Spicy, Della, Fluffy Tail, Griffin, Icy, and Ivy.  The first batch of five chicks we raised in a brooder.  The last two, Puffy and Spicy, are being raised by a hen.

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Puffy and Spicy with Black Beak.

Left to right: Della, Griffin, Icy, and Ivy.  Fluffy Tail is not in the picture.