Chicken Show Time

I’m taking these three young roosters to the show (left to right: Chip, Chirp, and Zip).  The coop was kind of dirty in the picture, but I cleaned it since then.

I’m going to a chicken show!  It takes so much preparation like giving chickens a bath (they hate it and I hate doing it), training them for Showmanship, cleaning coops, and finding cages to transport them.  Then, the chickens must be kept in the clean pen for almost a week because we had to use the only sunny day all week to bathe them (Tuesday) so they wouldn’t get cold.  I’m taking four roosters, and also two hens.  After all this work, I hope they do well (the show is Saturday).  The chickens also are required to wear leg bands (slip-on plastic bands with numbers on them that go on the chicken’s leg) for identification at the show, but they don’t like them very much so I’ll just leave them on for one day and take the leg bands off afterwards.

The end.  (For now.)



Tiny Hen’s Chicks


One of the chicks looking cute.

Tiny Hen’s chicks are growing up, and one is getting blue wing feathers.  One of the other Dutch, Sparkles, mus have laid an egg in her nest.  If it’s a blue rooster, I’m keeping it because it would be 100% unrelated to two of the Dutch hens, Beaky and Clover (but extremely related to Duchess).

Tiny Hen digging for her chicks (all seven of them).

The chicks can fly now, and are flying all over and play-fighting with each other.  They love to dig and eat bugs and worms.  There are definitely at least four cockerels, since four of them are getting black feathers in front already.  One looks like a pullet, since it’s getting cream-colored chest feathers.


Sleepy in the sun.