Drawings for the New Year

It’s the new year, and a supposedly fresh start.  New beginnings.  Cold weather.  And it’s time for this blog to celebrate six years! 


This is two ponies dressed up with ribbons in their manes and tails, done in colored pencils.  The first one is on “good” paper with many light layers of different colors and barely any gray pencils used and the second one is on really cheap paper with fewer layers and less mixing of different colors and a blurry photograph.



Miniature Horse Drawing (Later Today)!

(Photo used with permission.)

I’m going to make another drawing today, this time of Katie, a cute and furry Miniature Horse mare from The Katie Chronicles (The Katie Chronicles link).  <  I know the name on the URL looks kind of weird, but it’s actually just the name of a Miniature Horse.  The name of my web page also doesn’t match its title (Hooves and Claws).  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to call the blog when I made it, so I chose “hensandhippology.”  It’s a mix of several words: “hens” because I love chickens and own a bunch of hens, “and,” and “hippology,” which is just a technical name for “study of the horse” because I like learning horse facts!”  Anyways, watch for a drawing inspired by Katie later today!