Spring Flowers

Too tired to draw another horse today.  So this is a picture of a blooming pear tree from last spring, with a blanket of flower petals covering the grass.  It was quite magnificent last spring, but has not bloomed yet this year (since it’s not April yet).



Happy Spring! Chickens “Posing” by the Daffodils

Chickens that walked past the daffodils.


Egypt, an Easter Egger hen.


Dragon, a Russian Orloff hen.


Blackbeak, a Jersey Giant hen.


Fluffy Tail and Frizz.


Della, Fluffy Tail, and Frizz.


Lucky (who didn’t want her picture taken, and wouldn’t stay in the photo).

Owl and Dragon- Two Tiny Hens

Owl and Dragon, two chicks from this year.  Owl is a Welsummer and Dragon is an Orloff.

Dragon (despite the name) is very cuddly and naturally tame.  Owl is a little more energetic but is sweet, too.  The hen didn’t want them (see below) and because of her nasty pecking, they are now  under the brooder light.  Owl enjoys sleeping under Dragon and they are very attached; they call loudly when one is taken away from the other.

When the “big hens” see the chicks, they make “disapproving wing” at them – have you ever seen when hens see something they don’t like and drag one wing while informing the subject of their disapproval who’s in charge?  When the chicks see the hens, they run for cover- who wouldn’t be terrified after being pecked by a big, crabby broody hen?  The hen, however, continues to be very devoted to her eggs, sitting on them and clucking softly to them all day long.