Tick-Tock, Beaky, Duchess, and Clover

Tick-Tock, Beaky, Duchess, and Clover are Dutch Bantams.  They’re very pretty and sweet–and tiny.  Tick-Tock, the rooster, has an extremely shrill crow, but he doesn’t crow much except for when he sees the other rooster, Frizzy.  When it snowed for the first time this year, they didn’t like it.  They went back in their coop and wouldn’t come out for the rest of the day.




Duchess, a blue cream light brown hen.

Tick-Tock, Clover, and Duchess, with Beaky in front.  Tick-Tock is crowing.  The cardboard taped to the front of the coop was there to make the doorway smaller.



The splatter of raindrops

Grim clouds in the sky

A storm late in coming

Birds on the fly

The mud level’s rising

Puddles are growing

You can tell that it’s winter

Without even knowing

But out in the weather

The ponies stand

Manes plastered down

On the wet, wet land

Coats fluffy as can be

Tails sodden in the storm

As long as full manes are long

Thick stout coats

Will keep them warm


Winter Frost

In the morning, the grass was frozen into stiff spikes of frost that crunched underfoot.  The sky was a clear, pale blue and sunlight reached for the ground.  The air held an unfeeling sharpness and fuzzy crystals of frost caught sunlight and clung to the world.

The ground was solid, unmoving as a great hunk of stale, old bread.  Up on the hill, the frost was leaving in patches, revealing grass, mashed down onto the soil by the foot of a passerby.  Metal latches and gates were icy to the touch and water troughs had obtained an unforgiving crust.

Imagine the relief when this cold, hard landscape melted, the chilliness left and the sun really shone.  Save the leafless trees, it became a fine summer day and a crisp fall afternoon bunched together, all in one.  It was a transformation from the morning frost.  Things can change in such little time.